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Experience Your Business on the Go

n Wednesday in ▓Rutok Village, Rutok County, Ngari Prefecture. 銆€銆€During t

he week, a series of diverse activities will be hel▓d, including giving public lectures on the current scientific and technological devel▓opment, offering useful techniques training for farm

What You'll Get

ers and▓ herders, etc. 銆€銆€With the theme of "building an innovation-oriented country", the event was de▓signe

    rmany▓Digitalization and industry 4.0 are key topics for China´s Strategy 2025. Beijing seeks access to industry 4.0 knowledge from Western companies, while China▓ and Germany are global industrial powerhouses.  China’s industry has largely expanded due to low labor costs, and Germa

Something Missing?

d to make sure the latest achievements in Tibet's science and technology will benefit the local people, including energy conservation, eco-environmental protection and safety and health protection. 銆€銆€At the i